KIN YOGA: Yoga studio/health store.
Harvard has done studies to prove yoga improves your DNA, Your DNA also runs in your family, your KIN. Your DNA is your nature/ your being. Its symbol is the DNA link, which I have incorporated by linking the K, I and N together to create a symbol. 
LK HAIR: Hair salon / Hair accessories.
Elegant curves represent the wave of hair falling down your shoulder. Thin lines signify the strands of hair. Minimal colour palette or rich browns/beige and golds relating back to shades of hair colour.
ANA DURAN: Life coach.
The pairing of bright and playful colours with simple typography achieves a fun & welcoming feel to the brand.
AURALIA'ORO: Angel card readings and animal communication.
The font is a mix of sophisticated with a personal touch. The colours chosen provide the brand with a welcoming feeling. The spiral represents protection, safety, warmth and inner glow.
ZERO: Vegan-certified zero-waste clothing.
The 'Z' is based on the symbol for Veganism. The leaves represent the natural materials used within the brand. The use of earth-toned colours links back to the brand's ethos.
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